Residential roofing in CT can often cover a range of issues such as snow removal, ice dam removal, new shingles, roof ventilation, and wood rot repair are just a few of the areas our professionals specialize in here at Chopa Contracting Services LLC. Just a stone’s throw away and based in New London, we believe that it’s never too early to have a roof inspection performed on your home or business, but it can be too late! We are more than happy to schedule a time for a free roofing inspection in Waterford CT.

There is a possibility of course that it might be time for a brand new roof altogether. We want you to know however, that we will provide our honest and unbiased professional opinion. We will not attempt to sell you roofing services that you do not need. With many years experience in roof repair, roof replacement, roof financing, sales and marketing, residential roofing in CT has been the backbone of our business in Southeastern Connecticut over the last ten years and we are confident you will love what we provide. The professionals here at Chopa Contracting Services can quickly help you to determine what your repair or replacement needs are and then provide you with the services needed to take the next step. All the way from inspections and small adjustments to the even larger projects, we do it all.

Expert Roof Inspection and Repair in Waterford, CT

As a roofing company specializing in providing value to our customers, we know that roofs do not last forever and problems are bound to occur. Over time your roof can begin to slope, grow moss and mold, and even the wood beneath the shingles can start to rot. Our experienced roofing pros take the time to examine the roof’s structure to detect early signs of problems. All homeowners and business owners need to realize that even if you aren’t interested in having a brand new roof put on, yearly rooftop examinations are key to maintaining the soundness of your home’s structure.

Are you interested in a brand new look for your home?, Your roof is a good place to start and can potentially increase the value of your home. We offer wood and asphalt shingles as well as flat and composite roofing. Call us today and have one of our experts out there today to find you the best fit for your home! 860-303-2762.

Our Services:

Roof Replacement
Roof Repair & Maintenance
Roof Leak Repair
Roof Cleaning
Ridge Vents & Roof Ventilation
Energy Efficient Shingles
Wood Rot Repair
Hail Damage
Snow Removal from Roofs
Ice Dams and Roof Ice Melt Systems
Roofing Insurance
Gutter Installation
Siding Installation
Chimney Repair

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