Industrial roofing in CT is all too often overpriced but roof failure at your location is not an option and business disruption for repairs can be deadly to the bottom line. A leaking roof can cause damage to sensitive equipment, supplies, inventory and other assets, in addition to the increased liability risk to workers on the premises. For these reasons it is critically important to have access to an industrial roofing company that will not only perform regular maintenance but perform repairs when roofing problems occur. Chopa Contracting Services LLC is a licensed and insured commercial roofing contractor who pledges fair pricing without compromising work quality.

Generally industrial roofing tends to utilize both low slope and flat slope roof design. The five types of roofing materials used most often for these types of designs are the following:

Built-Up Roofing or BUR: Built-Up roofing is comprised of many layers of material that are laminated together.

Spray Foam: Spray polyurethane foam, also known as SPF or just “foam” is applied as a liquid and gradually expands when applied. It forms a nice seamless, protective barrier around pipes, vents and other protrusions that extend through the roof.

Modified Bitumen: Modified Bitumen or MB is asphalt with additional material added which give it plastic or rubber like properties increasing its over all durability.

Singly Ply Roofing: Single ply roofing membranes often times referred to as PVC or TPO is comprised of four elements — 1) an insulation layer 2) a single-ply membrane made of plastic or rubber 3) flashing 4) an adhesive.

Metal Roofing: Though not a superior solution for completely flat roofs, metal roofing is wonderful for low slope roofs. Typically made of copper, steel or aluminum, metal roofs often satisfy clients who place more value on aesthetics.

Many industrial spaces are broken up into smaller areas and leased to tenant businesses, all housed under one roof. Chopa Contracting services highly recommends that conducting proactive roof maintenance can greatly help toavoid property loss and unhappy tenant business owners. We offer flexible maintenance contracts and schedules to suit your business’ needs

With many years of experience helping retail property owners minimize business disruptions, Chopa Contracting Services LLC takes strong consideration when thinking about the issue of convenience when while making repairs including tenant business operations and worker safety, parking lot access and minimizing other potentially related business disruptions. Additionally, we guarantee quick response times, including a 24 Hour Emergency Service and timely repairs using the highest quality materials. We offer a free evaluation to review your maintenance or repair needs.

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